Osteopathic Treatment For Babies

Today, we’re just doing some very traditional cranial osteopathy or what some people call cranial sacral treatment therapy for him. Really for him, we’re doing this more for maintenance to help optimize his body to help remove restrictions so that his body can grow and grow in the most optimal way possible. You see, in the pediatric patient, especially young infants like this, the bones aren’t fused and many of the bones are still in parts, there’s still a lot of cartilage at the articulations with the bones, and so because of that, there’s a lot of nerves that run in those spaces. And when we’re able to remove the tension in the fascia and the connective tissue, we’re removing the obstructions. We can take the pressure off the nerves. We can also make it easier as his body grows remove those restrictions and help to develop the best that he can.